With just a few dollars down, you can be on your way to getting your very own custom board!


One of our 'Pre-Owned' Boards that you have had your eyes on!

​Now all you need to do is come up with 

$100 for a surfboard

or $200 for a paddle-board!


Call Now!


When you can be Mad and Happy at the same time like this Guy!

I have my down payment saved- now what do I do?




​easy peezy!

Don't have a credit card?

*Tired of riding that old surfboard of yours?Or Maybe you want to buy a Paddle board? But every time you start to save your money -something crappy happens (like getting a parking ticket) and you have to go back to square one!

We will then give you a layaway receipt and set you up with a 2 - 6 month payment plan of your choice.

No additional fee's or interest charges!

*Payment plans can be paid off sooner with no penalties. Fee's are only applied when a layaway is cancelled.

We are here to tell you that you don't have to wait! Wink Wink!

Sign up for our layaway plan!



*Refund Policy
1.        You may cancel this layaway at any time before your last payment is made by notifying us by email at surf@bigdaddyboardz.com  In the event of cancellation, we will credit all money you have paid toward a future purchase.

2.       If canceled before a board is painted and it is one of our board designs. You will get a full refund-

Minus a fee of $20

 3.     If  canceling a layaway on a stock item, you will get a full refund minus a $20 restocking fee


​1983/84 Standley Jr. High Surf Team
Top: Todd Millon, Saunder Kalmijn, Chris Davis, Jason Struthers, Ken Sirota
         Bottom: Steve Uhlir, Steve Colborn, Troy Hemingway, Paul Smoot, Russell Shapiro

Thanks for the picture Troy!

Do you feel like you will never save up enough MONEY at once to buy a surfboard or paddle board?

*Tax not included.

The names for the boards are just the design names.

It's a little more fun than- board #1

you can still give your board it's own name.

Why Be Mad like this guy?

for new and stock boards! Yes! you can even put a stock board on layaway! You can also buy gift certificates to give to loved ones on the Holidays!