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If choosing one color- you only need to pick a deck color.

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*Also- don't forget to pick an 8 x 10 image -of your choice -to put on the board, and ( If you want) give your board a name! We will put it with the dimensions.

( "Russell the love muscle" is already taken)


White Nose

Okay obviously the proportions are not exact,

but It will work just fine to help you decide which color or colors you feel will make you the happiest!

How are you going to know if the Bright orange color you want to paint the board will go will with the royal blue deck pad? 

You can download the PDF and either design in photoshop or print out and hand color with pencils or crayons.


No need to decide on laminates now- you can do that later. 

If you decide to make a down payment, today, in 1-2 working days we will contact you to verify that all your info  is correct so we can get your blank ordered ASAP!

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(Once a month or Bi monthly payments)

There are no extra charges for layaway unless you cancel.

Use the upload file if you would like to send us a board file. Or examples on a design/color idea you want- we will be happy to give you a quote.


* Let's say you chose PINK for your color. You can explain light pink or dark pink in comments- but maybe you want to send some example pics? Here is where you do that.


$200 down is all you need

to get your Groovy Chic or Big Daddy Paddleboard started today!

No White

*Tax not included.

The names for the boards are just the design names.

It's a little more fun than- board #1

you can still give your board it's own name.

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( so many choices!)

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to download our coloring page to help you figure out your design. You can also 

 check out some of our stock choices to choose from.