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Big Daddy and Groovy Chic Paddleboards!

made in San Diego, Ca.


-Why should you purchase one of our paddle boards?

-What kind of Paddle board are

you getting when you buy one

of our Paddleboards?

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For every purchase of a new paddleboard or surfboard 
10% of the proceeds will be donated to 
YWCA of San Diego County 
and our 
Becky’s House® domestic violence programs.


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Here at Big Daddy and Groovy Chic we have always been proud to say that all of our surfboards have always been made right here in San Diego.

NOW- we are very proud to say – so are all of our paddle boards!
Not everything from China is bad-
So due to storage issues- (Paddleboards are WAY BIG ya’ll!) -we sent our custom designs to China to have them built there.

But, in doing so we then had to order large amounts of the same looking board.
Unless you have many stores across the US to spread them out, you end up picking  designs that are as gender neutral as possible to be able to sell to both men and women.  Not to mention- the dreaded paint chipping problems.

We hate when our fingernails are all chipped and looking gross-

so why would we want that look on our paddleboards?

Another problem is China USUALLY paints the outside of the board! It sure looks pretty until the paint starts to chip. Your rails then start looking really crappy REAL QUICK.

You can buy rail tape to try and fix the problem, but after awhile the tape starts to fray at the edges and that looks crappy too!
ALL of our paddleboards and surfboards are now made

from A-Z in the same place. 


hand shaped

painted and glassed

right here in San Diego using only high quality products.

*and the paint is UNDER the glass!

 The quality products for both our surfboards and paddleboards are purchased at:
Surf Hardware Intl/FCS   San Diego, CA 
Graphite Master  Los Angeles, Ca.
Marko Foam     Irvine, Ca.
Hydro-Turf     Anaheim, Ca.

Foam E*Z    Westminster, Ca.

Lift Sup       Encinitas, Ca.

We use the traditional EPS/Epoxy Lay-up Method - This is the identical way we make our surfboards. A foam blank is hand shaped- mudded and sanded smooth. We then apply layers of glassing to the outside.
For glassing we use a specially designed epoxy surfboard resin. It contains UV stabilizers, and has a far superior strength to polyester resin. The glassing is all done by hand using much the same techniques as with polyester glassing.

A 6+6/6+6 glassing schedule is what we use on our sups.
On a clear coat resin board, you can see the quality of the glassing job directly. You are able to see the actual foam of the board. (Or painted foam usually in my case).


Paddleboards that are painted on the outside of a glassing job can cover up some very poorly glassed boards. A lot of the time it’s just cosmetic, but honestly unless you are there actually watching them make it….who knows what you could be getting?

 We currently still have a couple of boards from our first China order because we simply love them. All have held up fantastic and ride and surf amazing!
Even still- we prefer having 100% quality control!

Tadah! So now we have it and can pass it on to you! The best quality guaranteed!
If you have any more questions please feel free to
contact us.



J and K